Charles Engineering is located in a pristine, high-tech, ever expanding facility in Clearwater, Kansas, with the ability to support new business initiatives.

Process Design For Manufacturing Excellence

From project conception to product delivery, our processes are continually reviewed to minimize costs and create value for our customers.  Effective process control is best obtained through a combination of profound knowledge and Statistical Process Control (SPC).  Utilizing these tools, we reduce part variability and refine the fit-up for your application.  

Organizational Agility

You don’t have to sacrifice speed to obtain high precision quality work.

At Charles Engineering, we are passionate about managing and streamlining information. Understanding each customer’s requirements is an absolute priority.  Our Integrated Information System provides the industry’s quickest turnaround on inquiries while providing unparalleled management of production, inventory and quality information.  Our proprietary document imaging system is the basis for our instant access to records, both current and historic. Customers are amazed when they call for copies of paperwork from 10 years ago and find them delivered to their email before they hang up.

Efficient Support Operations

Our facility is designed to efficiently manage inventory to support your individual program needs. We manage many levels of inventory from raw material to finished shapes in order to support a wide variety of individual customer requirements.

In addition to our extensive inventory warehousing capabilities, our heat treatment facilities, in-house wood shop and shipping units allow us to offer our customers the full spectrum of services.

Unmatched Customer Service: The Cornerstone of our Business

We begin with a clear understanding of your needs. In addition to assessing the list of the parts you require, we evaluate material specifications, critical to quality features, timelines, inventory management, shipping information and more to provide you with a comprehensive supply chain solution.

Simple, Clear Steps to Great Service

Conducting business with us is easy.  When you call Charles Engineering, you receive personalized attention. You get someone who knows the answer to your question, or will immediately get you to the person who does.

Our turnaround time on quotations is second to none. Call us for an instant quotation over the phone. The world’s largest inventory of aerospace roll sections often allows us to ship critical parts with speed unequalled in the industry.

The Bottom Line

The customer is always the focus at Charles Engineering. We believe in the free market and we know that if we don’t give our customer what they want and need, someone else will.

As your source for your roll form requirements, we pledge to work closely with you to develop a comprehensive program that will support your requirements for quality, delivery and budgetary constraints. Whether you need parts shipped today or firm pricing for a 5-year LTA, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with World Class support.