World Class Roll Forming

We have the world’s largest inventory of roll sections for the aerospace industry, with more than 5,500 different parts in our inventory, a database of over 4,800 active parts and 8,000 plus dies.

With us, you’ll get personalized service and fast responses. When you call, you talk to a real person. We have the fastest quote system in the industry and offer same day shipping.

We’re proud of our loyal and productive employees and their commitment to quality. Our in-house tooling design and production provides you with the lowest cost and quickest delivery in the industry with extremely short lead times from stock. We’re invested in the technological sophistication necessary for the speed and precision our customers require.

Exotic Alloys & Complex Shapes

We also specialize in rolled ring shapes in exotic metals produced to extremely close tolerances.  By adding a coiling station or secondary tooling at the exit end of a roll-forming machine, most rolled sections can be coiled into rings as an integral part of the roll forming process.  Conventional ring-forming methodologies cannot match the efficiency, economy or tolerances of our rolled rings.


Quality, delivery and performance are not just words we use to describe how we do business.  They are our foundation. Since 1984, we have been delivering an extraordinary variety of close-tolerance roll-formed parts to customers all over
the world.

In 1986, Charles Engineering partnered with Boeing to solve quality and delivery problems they were having, and the success of that venture led to our expansion into a full-blown production facility.  A steady growth of production has occurred since that time, and our customer base has grown to include most major aerospace and commercial aircraft manufacturers worldwide.  From the Space Shuttle to Air Force One, Charles Engineering has produced components for the widest range of aircraft and space systems imaginable.

Since 1995, Charles Engineering has been the major roll forming supplier to Boeing.  As the exclusive supplier to Boeing Wichita, our contact with Boeing also includes most major subcontractors of airframe and structural components.

Moving to a completely new facility in 1996 allowed us to expand to keep up with the escalating build rates of Boeing and other customers.  With additions of dedicated warehousing and heat treat facilities in 1998 and additional dedicated warehousing in 2005, Charles Engineering offers customers expanded in-house processing and unmatched inventory program capabilities.

Our emphasis is maximizing the efficiency and productivity of every process in order to better serve our customers.  Our unwavering dedication to quality, coupled with our unique ability to gather and manage information, sets us apart.  Our success in customizing support for each individual customer continues to make us the preferred supplier for most.  Today our customer base includes Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier/Canadiar, De Havilland, Gulf Stream, Hawker Beechcraft, Lockheed Martin and many more.  From legendary to state-of-the-art programs, our processes and standards have continually evolved to support the aerospace industry's ever-increasing benchmarks for quality and support.